The wound that still remains is the wound on my right knee caused by being hit by a motorcyclist. The incident happened about a dozen years ago, but the mark is still clearly visible, even though I have completely forgotten the pain. But there are some wounds that I somehow vividly remember the pain of even though they have no marks on the body, maybe even no perpetrators. It grows inside my head and heart. Perhaps in the name of prejudice, jealousy, revenge, or anger.

Is there a wound that I am working on myself?

It feels like that question pops into my head when I think back to these photos for the Azimah Fada album. A few months ago, we agreed with Hirah Sanada to respond to the album with visuals. Azimah danced, Hirah and Viola painted, and I took pictures. It brought me to another part of the wound, which turned out to be conversational and softly colored.

These photos would not have been possible without La Bomba Rifai as lighting assistant and Timeless Studio for the beautiful space. Also the grandmother of Azimah and Viola who lent us some of her old furniture. 

Don’t forget to listen to “scars souvenir” album on your favorite music platform.