Directed by Anwar “Jimpe” Rachman
Produced by Fitriani A. Dalay

A Documentary film that tells the history of the development of a city, tracing it through the growth of its popular music over a hundred years. This visual work is the result of research by Anwar ‘Jimpe’ Rachman, Urban Makassar Researcher since the end of 2018. Jimpe traces the outline of the history of Makassar’s popular music through music that is introduced and presented in various forms ranging from LPs, cassette tapes, compact discs, from various sources on online channels, as well as through staging, as well as those recorded in various archives (spread in Makassar, Malang, Surabaya, Solo, Bandung, and Jakarta) and publications.

(Tanahindie – Kemendikbud – Rock in Celebes, 2019)