For me, residency is about experiencing different space from our former daily space. Whether physical space or as an idea. Residency offers new experience that might help you to see things differently.

However, moving yourself to something new does not make we leave what we already have. Maybe it because human has several phases of time. As we move, we bring things from the past to the new space.

It might be a big one but it can also exist in a very simple and small thing. Something which is not special for other people or even means nothing, but for us, it already being part of our self that sometimes can only be understood by us. And maybe that enough for us. Those little things sometimes can tell many stories about us; the owner.


This project is part of “Arisan: Southeast Asia Art Collectives Forum”, is a residency program tailored as a pilot forum in creating an inter-collectives working apparatus in Southeast Asia. Executed in two months, the representatives of Southeast Asia collectives partnered with an art collective in Yogyakarta to encourage and support collaborative activities among them.